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The Tyhtan School Programme

Sports Performance Enhancement and Well Being Programme


Designed by a physiotherapist and other health professionals, the 3-T Programme for children not only improves their performance, it also helps to prevent injuries through a unique 3 step programme. Delivered by your school or club, it helps ensure that active children can grow into active adults. 

Growing bodies, common injuries, the impact of injury into adulthood - we teach parents, teachers and children about the growing body, the positive effect of sporting activity and how to ensure children thrive into adulthood.

Each growing body is unique/. using our fully validated performance assessment, sports physiotherapists test each child in school, deliver a personal report and set personal goals to monitor progress. This allows each child to reach their full potential.

We want children to perform at their peak, so Tyhtan devlivers accessible yet proven sports specific warmups allowing children to train effectively. Under the programme teachers become accredited to deliver ongoing safe and high quality coaching.



The cost for the programme is £80 per term per pupil

(£240 per year) and includes two physio assessments a year and a bespoke personal training session).

Sports Scholars

Sports scholars funded by the school should use the registration form below

Pupils & Parents

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